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Liaoning province big hotel will put tourism information touch screen

The time of issue:2012-07-14

Only need a mobile phone can then be understanding liaoning tourist visits, tailored to visit route, booking tickets scenic spots, travel agents and guide to the supervision can also through intelligent network realization. May 24, liaoning province bureau says, to create the first province of liaoning for wisdom tourism, the wisdom in established travel service system.

For many people, the wisdom travel or a strange concept. Wisdom is in tourist areas travel widely application of information technology, using cloud computing, the physical new technologies, such as Internet, through the Internet and mobile Internet, with the aid of the portable terminal Internet equipment, active perception tourism resources, tourist economy, tourism activities, tourists, and other aspects of the information, and released in time. At the same time, tourism management department can be through this network real-time understand geography geomorphology, scenic spot and tourists is safe, scenic spot the infrastructure and service facilities, etc. Tour guide is in position, they carry the tour group travel information such as line, also can be detected through the system.

At present, liaoning province have begun to wisdom tourism system construction, will be in the province the major hotels and other places set travel information touch screen, touch screen, it can understand all the latest trends in liaoning province tourism.

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