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Tourism administration efforts to stars hotel

The time of issue:2012-07-14

Let more shining star sign

Not long ago, the Beijing world house international hotel, tianjin tianbao international hotel, changchun hna redbud hotel, dalian in liaoning seascape hotels, sichuan California garden hotel villa, guangdong dongguan silver city hotel six hotels were cancelled five-star tourist hotel news of the qualification once published, in this cause strong reaction. Each big media outlets reported reprinted, become a focus of public opinion.

The personage inside course of study thinks, so the strength of the "the stars" is the national tourism administration to protect tourists' rights and the goal, the maintenance of authoritative star standard signal. The national tourism administration supervision and management department officials say, reach the stars is not the purpose, just regulating means, monitoring the purpose of the work is to promote tourism hotel service quality, ensure hotel service quality and star matching requirements, improve the soft environment accommodation services, let the people more satisfied.

Improve the quality of the work be a center

Since the reform and open policy, carrying tourism "food, housing, transportation, traveling, shopping, entertainment," six elements of "live" the important functions of the star hotel, in the reception tourist arrivals and domestic tourists play an important role, for the prosperity and development of the tourism industry in our country has made an important contribution. Star hotel especially high star hotel, and to meet business exhibition, travel, leisure and other consumer demands at the same time, has become a region, a city the development level of economy and society, economic and trade active degree, an important symbol of foreign overall image. "Star" in the eyes of people become synonymous with quality and class, star sign to be consumers judgment, service, quality, price hotel hardware facilities, and other aspects of the important mark. According to statistics, by the end of 2011, China had star-rated hotel about 1.1, guest room number 1.47 million rooms, the annual revenue of about 230 billion yuan, direct employees 1.54 million people.

The national tourism administration supervision and management department officials say, improve the soft environment, and constantly improve the accommodation services and improve the hotel service quality, will become the new period of the management of the hotel work centres. This is to meet the objective need of tourism development, but also comprehensive implementation of the national strategic decision, tourism to be the people will be more satisfied with the modern services of strategic needs. For this reason, the national tourism administration stepped up hotel the supervision of the evaluation work, establish and perfect the star hotel exit mechanism, guide from hotel industry one-sided pay attention to the "hardware" to "hardware" and "software" coordinated development change, from the simple to the increase in the number of quality improvement and pay equal attention to increase in the number of transformation.

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