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A promise-he hold on to the liaoning hotel agreement

The time of issue:2012-07-14

ZhanHongGe was born in 1971, shenyang famous folk collectors, collection of more than 100000 pieces, nearly half of the 918 incident and make the northeast.

A promise to 10 years

On September 18, 2001 ZhanHongGe through the media to make a promise: "in my lifetime, every year during 918, can for '9 · lands' history museum to donate some of my collection." Since then, ZhanHongGe every year in keeping his commitment.

In an interview before, ZhanHongGe raised a requirement: interview site will set in liaoning hotel. He explained his reason in a side for the 918 incident exposes his his perverse, "because liaoning hotel and motel, formerly known as here and the 918 incident, when many great kanto soldiers closely in here, the 918 incident strategy, planning also are here."

Because of this, ZhanHongGe become a denizen of the liaoning hotel, he will often take their guests come here to see, the explanation and the 918 incident in liaoning hotel on. The hall of the hotel in liaoning post, still hang a collection of photos, he donated free information. ZhanHongGe said: "so that now are more understanding liaoning hotel in the past, also can always remind came to our guests, remember that history."

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