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Liaoning heavy launch "color ball 306 will vote" business

The time of issue:2013-09-16

WASHINGTON (correspondent Liao Fu) Recently, Liaoning Welfare good news, a new welfare lottery [microblogging] Buy - "chromosphere [microblogging] 306 will vote" products beginning on August 1 in the province ABC official sales outlets. "Color ball 306 will vote" operations (hereinafter referred to as "306 will vote") will rely on the telephone betting business development, lottery players will have the opportunity with minimal effort chasing the greatest return. "306 will vote" business refers to customers in the bank for a custom color ball betting business, Note 2 yuan per year, a total of 153, each 306 yuan, so called "color ball 306 is scheduled to vote."

Just spend eight cents a day, throughout the year there are 153 times the impact ten million chance of winning. "306 will vote" Pick business supports two methods - machine selection and choice, each machine selection refers to the system will randomly select a group of numbers as the current number of bets, the annual number 153 is not the same; choice is to choose a group of customers number, followed by 153 bets are using this number as the number of bets that "defensive numbers" bets. While providing winning automatic SMS notification, 10,000 yuan and below a small prize deposited directly into bank card; Award artificial notification of winning more than 10,000 yuan to provincial center to receive, without Qi Jiang.

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