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Torrential rain hit the county an ocean Liaoning Montenegro

The time of issue:2013-08-16

China Weather Network News Today (the 16th) morning, Liaoning Jinzhou City Heishan dump heavy rain, the rain soaked the county, an expanse of water. Currently, the torrential rain has caused more than 4,000 households flooded, flooded more than 600 shops.

Heavy rainfall mainly concentrated in the morning. Monitoring shows that at 0:00 on the 16th to 06 when heavy rains Heishan precipitation over several towns, of which the largest is the black town six hours rainfall 257 mm, followed by Chang Xing 272 mm, reached rainstorm magnitude.

According to preliminary statistics, the heavy rainfall caused more than 4,000 households Shangkang water, more than 600 shops, water, flooded more than 100 vehicles, 102 line black Shandong checkpoints interrupt, Pang River 3 crevasse; through investigation, no casualties ; detailed disaster is under further investigation. (Text / Liu Zhigang Xu Changhua)

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